Post a track that makes you rock out.

This one was under the radar even when it was released in 1991 but it never fails to fire me up and jam along!

I never heard this song until about a week ago. We have several independent/college radio stations in the area and one of them played this song the other day. Rockin' Tune!
Ended up in the pit when they were on Duality but I headbanged the most on this one, almost needed a neck brace after the concert

Can’t sit still to this one...

Ah! A great Kirriemuirian! Funnily enough the birth place of JM Barrie - author of Peter Pan.

I was working the other night and drove north on the A90, to Kirriemuir, during one of the most beautiful sunsets ever!

I’d have stopped and taken a pic for the “show your pics” thread, but couldn’t because of my passenger in the car.