Post a track that makes you rock out.


594 & CU24
Mar 22, 2017
Seattle, Washington

Three requests, if you don't mind:

1) When I say rock out, I mean it. :D
Has to be a tune that gets you off your @$$ no matter what, or makes you pick up a guitar.

2) Please post a YouTube link for it.

3) One song per post.

That's just to keep a flow... GO!

The older I get, the more I simply marvel at this recording. I feel like I'm wired to the tubes.

Also I saw the four horseman at a two day festival in Tampa. Galactic Cowboys, Savatage, and Soundgarden also played that day. EPIC show.

I'll bet it was EPIC! This was gonna be my choice 100%! Excellent choice none the less Wedge!
Well since Wedge beat me to my numero's my go to if I want to flash back to the early 90's and my Agro days , oddly enough it calms me equally as much as it makes me wanna smash stuff!
R.I.P. Dimebag...
Nothing makes me "Crank-N-Bang" quite the same!


it's a 2fer I know, but either song really kicks and together they really rock my world. \m/

One of my all time favorite singers...saw Dio on this tour it was killer I don't remember much of that era...but it was friggin DIO!!!!! Yeah, THAT I remember!!! Those were my "Metal Years"...I's a little fuzzyo_O I miss this diminutive vocal monster! R.I.P. RJD!
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