Other Brands vs PRS and why PRS has me for life


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May 20, 2012
Of all the brands of guitars out there I think "for me" PRS has the most attractive lineup to the point where I want more PRS's then any other brand.

Let me explain.

Fender, all I never want/need is a good tele/strat - done. nothing else they offer appeals to me.
Gibson, Les Paul maybe a 3xx model - done. Les Paul probably being my fav looking guitar of all time, oddly I don't own one. Can never find one without issue, right color, right neck etc.
Taylor - Maybe a KOA model, but rather a PRS :)

I'm not listing them all but you get the idea.

PRS however,just too many - DGT, P22, CU24, SC, Mcarty, Santana, Artist, Siggy,and my dream, although it'll never happen is one of their gorgeous Acoustic Collection guitars. Of all the electric guitar talk, my real passion is still me and a nice acoustic, unplugged, nothing else but time and music.

The problem is I don't make enough money! I could get rid of the woman, which would save me a bunch! but she is kinda nice to have around....sometimes.
I'd say Fender & PRS.

I love Strats and I suspect I always will. If money was no object then i'd probably have a nice selection of Strats.

When it comes to humbucker eqipped guitars then it's PRS and PRS SE without a doubt.

If I had 2 - 3k to drop on a guitar I can't help but feel i'm going to get more for my money with PRS than Gibson. Not to say they don't make good guitars, they do. But QC never seems consistent enough. PRS just seem better and I like the company ethos, the fact the guys at the top really care, etc...
Why PRS?

I make my living in the studio. The scoring business is very competitive. Every detail in a track affects the client's decision on whether to pick our track, or to hire us again.

I can always find the tones I'm looking for with a PRS. It's a joy to work with these guitars. Every detail, whether it's tone or playability, just works. I never have to think about overcoming some deficiency with the guitar, never have to add different parts, or plug into some gizmo to get what I want; it's all right there.

I always say that when it comes to instruments, there is no "best," there is only "what's best for you." For me, that's PRS.
but she is kinda nice to have around....sometimes.

That's awesome, haha

I always say that when it comes to instruments, there is no "best," there is only "what's best for you." For me, that's PRS.

Truer words couldn't be spoken man.

I'm going to agree with what LSchefman on 'what's best for you.' I used Gibson for most of my life. My first guitar was a Gibson, than a Flying V, and I went on to have two different Les Paul DC's (not Jr's!), a Firebird, and my favorite of all, an RD that I recently got rid of. In that time I did have a PRS and many a time I would find myself keep coming back to it for a variety of reasons. Though I loved playing my Gibsons I did have issues with them, most notably how muddy those guitars were. When I hurt my back it became even more apparent how much better PRS guitars were for me. Not only are they versatile instruments, but I'm able to pull off whatever sound I want from them with much ease. The weight distribution is perfect, the neck is a dream, and they don't seem like dated or only for certain types of music kind of guitars. I could take my CU24 or my Hollowbody to play with my rock band or to jam blues and not feel awkward like I would the Firebird or RD, or feel like I just helped with building a pyramid (how many got that joke, hah)
I only own PRS(except my acoustic which is a Larrivee). PRS feel perfect to me. Great tone, great quality, great looking....and most importantly, they inspire me to make music. I just don't desire any other brands. I desire more/different PRS, but that's about it.
Well, that sounded like a lot of a$$-kissin', fanboyism :rofl: I can't help it though, it is what it is:)
The only thing PRS cannot replace is a Telecaster, which has been my number one model for almost six years now.

Before then I had considered going all PRS, but I'm too attached to my pair of Strats to replace them with EG's.
I've had a PRS since '92, and up until '09, only had one at a time. I've gone through a bunch of other guitars that I enjoyed for various things, but almost always ended up trading in on something else. The one thing that hasn't changed is a PRS in the house. I love me Tele. I love my Godin and my Parker for the electric/acoustic sounds. I had a Rowan Montara for a while, which was amazing, but just didn't compare to the Godin, acoustically. It had to go after I played my first 513.

Since '08, I've only bought one non-PRS. It's a Taylor Solidbody Standard that I picked up used in Nashville. It's a really amazing guitar, and looks incredible. I think more players would be picking these up if the street prices were lower. New, I'll take a 408 or a DGT, but for under a grand...