Older vs. Newer McCarty


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Jan 17, 2024
Hi All,

Still thinking about a McCarty, as per my first post. Actually turned up an interesting one, a '94 with handwritten 'McCarty Model" in a nice and 'different' color scheme: scarlet with a black, may not always be a painted black fan but I do like the non sunburst top. Price is very good @1500, so no issues there.

I know consensus amongst players is not going to happen, but I was wondering if the group leaned one way or another about earlier vs. newer... I suppose that could apply to ALL PRS guitars, but definitely more specifically for McCartys. The only larger difference I'm aware of is this has PRS VBs in both positions, rather than any of the combos that came after like'McCart T/B or 57/08s), which seems OK to me. Just curious if anything changed along the way that might move the needle away from this '94.

An original 94 McCarty should have McCarty pickups although they don't appear to be labeled on the bottom in any I've seen from that year. There also won't be any coil splits (until 95 I think).
Good to know. If they come with multiple conductors, that's an easy enough mod.
It'll be shipped, so I can't check it out, unfortunately, but the pictures all look good. All of my Core's were bought sight unseen and the quality was excellent, I figure worst case scenario I send it back.
I agree that is a good price. All of my PRS McCarty models have 57/08 pickups in them. They really work in this model of guitar. If you get it and you are not thrilled with the pickups, I would highly recommend putting 57/08s in it. They have been available in the PRS store for quite a while so they are easy to get, just not cheap. I would also change the wiring at that point to add the taps. The wiring diagrams are easy to find as well.