Northern lights fading

I know this has been discussed here before, but I cannot believe there isn't something PRS can do about this. My 2015 Private stock has faded so bad its almost purple. I want to send it back to PRS to fix the finish, but its kinda pointless if its just going to fade again. Not to mention the cost to refinish it is expensive. A 3 yr old guitar should not be this faded.

I've got another Northern lights on order and almost want to cancel it.



This was it when new.

That looks like the same color as my PS, but its called "aqua violet". ???????

NL has a wide variation in color depending on the specific piece of maple, more so than any other color I’ve come across. For some reason the PS 20th anniversary run looks closed to AV than the other NLs I’ve seen - maybe due to the smoke burst finish on those versus the typical NL stain?

I had a SC594SH in NL, definitely not close to AV, which I had on a Collection IX

I kinda like the faded out color more than the northern light color.

It's a bummer if that's the focal point of the ownership, but for me if i'm, bonded with and love the guitar's tone and playability that takes preference.
I never sweat the cosmetics too much anymore. Stuff changes.
Wow! You changed the pickup rings too :)

Such a monster curly top on that one!
Wow, yeah, that sucks. Dang shame, and sorry to hear. I got a used cherryburst McCarty a while ago, and near as I can tell the finish hasn't faded. I wonder what the difference is? I've pulled off the volume and tone knobs just to clean the 14 years of collected gunk underneath, and there weren't any finish circles there. I'm sure the finish probably isn't the EXACT same shade it was brand new, but I haven't noticed anything, apart from natural relic wear and tear from the previous owner.

I thought I heard the difference between Northern Lights and Aqua Violet was in the order they lay the colors down, but I could be wrong. Both will tone up or down differently depending on the wood, and that's true of any color. Keep that hot mama in the case, brother, and you'll be right as rain!