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  • Hey Matt,
    When putting your Phase 3’s into your SE, Did you use the same kind of reamer like you would to increase a body hole for pots? I’ve done that several times upgrading to USA pots, but never on a headstock. Just don’t want to screw up :)

    Also, do the bushings just push in by tension? It doesn’t look like there is a nut to screw them into the base?

    Thanks in advance for the help,

    Same reamer! And the bushings push in.

    Was wondering if you could help me out. I have an SE Pauls Guitar with vintage tuners like the Zack Myers you modded. I didn't see any footprint left from the tuners on yours. Did you remove them somehow? Also, any issues lining up the mounting screws with Phase 3's?

    Thanks for any help, your guitar looks great!
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