Northern lights fading

Plus, the northern lights fade naturally, they don't last forever, so it would make sense that a color scheme that is trying to duplicate the look of the northern lights would fade! It's science!! PRS should use that in it's disclaimer letters for warranty coverage!!! "The fading of the Northern Lights finish on your high end guitar was stained such that it will fade naturally just like any Northern Lights display in nature!"!!!!
Wow.. It's nearly worthless now. You should just let me take that ugly monster off your hands! Kind of like 59 Les Paul's. They all faded and no one wants those!
I read your reply without seeing what you were responding to at first, and I said to myself "Hey I should go check out my ZM Spalted to see if it has yellowed like that other person's". Oops. I am them. They are me.

So...apparently I had forgotten that my guitar had yellowed a bit and that I posted about it almost 4 years ago.

As of today, it doesn't look like it has changed any further, and frankly I wonder whether it truly has yellowed or I am just being tricked by color balance of old photos vs what I see in front of me. Color temp settings in a photo editor, even subtle changes, can really mess with that. Looking at it again it doesn't look all that yellowed.