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Mar 7, 2023

I own Core PRS, have owned multiple Core before, and love them all, but I also love these SE. Damn, amazed on how good they are. They have their own thing and I just click with them a lot.

I had a DGT too before, and the DGT SE is awesome, so very happy with this one.

In terms of playability, this DGT SE has that same thing going as my Paul's Guitar SE, that I really love. I mean all PRS I've had are superb in playability, but for some reason the Paul's Guitar SE has some slight edge. And I feel the same on this DGT SE.

In terms of tone, the DGT SE sounds amazing, really good. However, the Core pickups I would say have something extra. Slight, but there is. Maybe a bit more complex in the sound, some extra harmonics that give that little extra. But still, the SE is amazing as well.

The feel on the hand the Cores are really fantastic, and you can notice the premium feel in the touch, and looks and every detail for sure. Are works of art. But the SE feel good to, although you can notice the finish being por plasticky though.

My SE DGT is lighter than the Core DGT I had as well.

Putting money aside, I think both are superb, and PRS as always takes things to another level.

Below the PRS I'm keeping at the moment. Love all of them.





That soapbar guitar is just....mmmmmm.

Indeed it is! Is a 1999 McCarty with Lollar P90. Is a really good guitar. When I got it earlier this year, felt like it was a guitar I had for a long time! Felt great.

Very very nice! And I agree; there are some real gems in the SE line of late!

Yes! Was playig a bt mre today, looking at it on natural light and yeah, this thing fit and finish is perfect I have to say. Maybe I was lucky, but so far only good experiences with the SE's I've had.

Would love to see Fiore SE or an NF53 SE down the road hehe.