PRS DGT SE Intonation


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Dec 3, 2023
I have a problem with this on my DGT SE on the top E string using 9-46's . Really the bridge needs to be fitted nearer the nut to achieve any form or real intonation as the saddle is touching the tremolo screws.. Not good quality control .. Anyone else with this problem ?
Question, are you using the stock saddles? I don't know if the DGT SE has the same kind you find on other trem equipped SEs, but I never had great intonation with them. I had a similar issue on my 35th. It cost me, but moving to mannmade saddles made all my intonation problems disappear.
I got a new DGT SE in February from Sweetwater. It was good to go right out of the case. I added a brass block so I had to remove the saddles. After I put the saddles back on intonation was not an issue. I use Ernie Ball 9's. The guitar sounds and plays great.
I would try running your intonation thru the full range I am betting it will intonate in a different spot
I would bet money this is the issue right here. You have gone past the spot where it will intonate. Set the saddle closer to the middle of it's range and adjust from there according to what the tuner is telling you.
Loosen if it is flat and tighten if it is sharp.
Also if you’re using a headstock tuner, try with the guitar unplugged. Or with neck pickup and tone knob at around 7.