My guitar volume&tone spin very easily

Run Mayo

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Jan 15, 2018

I just bought a second hand PRS Custom 24 and the volume&tone spin very easily
is there something to to without replace it?

Some companies (EVH) charge big money for volume pots that spin with very little resistance. Some people prefer that feel.

You might try taking the pots out (no need to de-solder them) and using a pair of pliers, gently squeeze down on the tabs that hold the pot body in place - that might tighten things up - like this:

If that doesn't work, you can simply replace them with the common CTS pots, which have a smoother and "slower" feel to them - available at any music store or online.

If you do replace them (you will need basic soldering skills) make sure that you check the values on each of the pots, the type (audio-taper or linear - sometimes designated as A or B) and the length of the shaft (how long the part is that the volume/tone knob slides on to) and replace with the same. It's not a difficult process, but if you don't feel comfortable doing this, take it to a guitar shop.
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They’re supposed to spin easily. That way they can be adjusted with the pinky finger, etc., while playing.

Some players use a felt bushing under the knob if they want slower rotation. Pretty simple fix that requires no mechanical change to the pot.