NGD - SE Custom 24


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Apr 27, 2012
Media, PA
Good morning y'all! So I got a bonus from work and bought an SE Custom 24 from Jack at Northeast Music Center. It's a beauty with the blue fade. I bought it simply to retire my '91 Custom and '97 Standard. So, stock it sounds....okay. Able to do a gig, just not a very inspired one. So first thing I did was replace that p.o.s. Alpha volume pot (tone suck) with a much nicer one from PRS. Actually made these pickups sound like something decent. Not quite as uninspiring as before. Still not sure which pickups I'll eventually go with, but looking at a JB/Jazz combo.
Thanks - I appreciate that! My Custom and Standard both have a set of Dragon 1's in them, and I realize that's gonna be hard to duplicate. But I hope the JB and Jazz will get me close.
Truth. Can always find a set of D1.. There's a few on reverb now with make offer :)
It looks great too!