Question about PRS Volume potentiometer specs.


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Mar 21, 2024
Hi everyone,

I have a SE 24 custom with a floydrose wammy - I believe I got it in 2022.

I was wondering what the volume pot resistance might be. I’ve tried looking on the net but with no specs on the either pot (potentiometer).
Inside the outsercasing doesn't have the resistance (just has made in Korea A 321)

I want to replace it with a two in one potentiometer for a second pickup I bought for something else. I know there are dual volume pots out there but I need to match the pots so that everything will work properly.

My second questions would be does PRS make dual pots and how much would they be?

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks guys for the info on the pots. I didn't want to unsolder the pot and measure it then solder everything back -
that would be a bummer.
I've only had core PRS guitars, but some of the pots I've measured were around 500K, but many were a bit lower. One push-pull pot measured 390K, which is pretty low. I'd just get a 500K and start from there.