Can I adjust a pot's turning resistance?


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Nov 10, 2023
Hey all, a few weeks ago I got the new PRS SE CE24. I'm loving it, but I noticed something strange about the volume and tone pots. The resistance of the tone pot is VERY light in comparison to the volume pot, and even compared to my other guitars. I know we're talking about potentiometers, but when I say 'resistance,' I don't mean resistance in Ohms, I mean the amount of effort it takes to actually turn the knob. The volume knob turns normally, but the tone knob practically turns freely. It makes it difficult to actually land where I want, so I'm hoping there's a way I can fix it.

Is it possible to adjust how stiff a pot turns? Is this a common issue? Thanks for any advice!
Whoa! Didn't realize the PRS tone pot was intended to be so easy to turn. I'll give it some time to try and get used to it, but I'll keep the o-ring idea in my back pocket. Thanks all!
I love the easy turn pots that PRS uses. I wish the pots in my Suhr were that easy to turn. I have thought about changing them a few times but it is just easier not to. :)
That's the way it's supposed to be. Paul likes it that way. Core versions have the same thing.
This is correct, I asked the PTC about it because I was constantly (unintentionally) adjusting my 513’s knobs by brushing my fingers on them while playing. They suggested putting a felt washer under the knob and adjusting the resistance by how far down you seated the knob. I never did, though… just had to be more careful. And usually still knocked them anyway.