I need warmer tone. Which capacitor to choose from?


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Oct 21, 2023
Hi! I have PRS USA S2 Custom 24 and would like to get more warmer tone. Changed the volume pot to 250 K and swapped the stock pickups with DiMarzio DP254FBK Transition Neck and DiMarzio DP255FBK Transition Bridge , but still have very bright quacky tone. I have read that different value capacitors might solve the problem, but what value to choose from and what kind of resistor also I need? Is the problem only in the volume pot or in the tone push-pull pot? Should I change both pot's capacitors? What kind of resistors I need?

Here it is a couple of pictures of the pots.


Which capacitor should I change? The orange small one or the yellow one?

Thank you in advance!
Arguably the best way to shape your tone is through the use of an EQ. My suggestion is to leave the guts you the guitar alone, and experiment with different EQs. I know it's not the most appealing thought, and we almost never see people talking about it, but these things are powerful tools and being used-- in one form or another-- by most pro guitarists.

Take a look around (there are A LOT to choose from) and see which appeals to you the most-- but you've got to play one to experience the difference it can make to your tone. It's way more useable/flexible than changing out caps and such.

Here are a few examples:

Either way, best of luck!
I would put it all back to stock and EQ the amp. The nickel strings worked for me also
Thank you, but I've tried all of the above. It doesn't work.
I am really surprised, I would think going to 250k pots on a humbucker guitar alone would have warmed your tone up enough. Hell i usually swap my pots out to 550k super pots on most of my guitars.