What's the story on the 3.3 Meg resistor on the 300K pot of the Silver Sky?


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Dec 30, 2012
Paonia Colorado
I knew at one time but have forgotten. My two SE Silver Skys do have the stock wiring which includes the 300K pot and 3.3 M resistor.

Did Paul or someone at PRS measure the original volume pot on John Mayer's old Strat and discover it was not 250K, but instead a higher value? Like 275K or higher?

Just a few years ago you could not find a CTS 300K audio taper potentiometer.

Now you can even find them on Amazon, so I ordered a couple to use as volume controls with Strat single coils, along with ten 250K pots for tone controls.

I'll add the resistor and see what I get. I think using the 300K volume control without the resistor would make a Silver Sky or Strat too trebley for my tastes.

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