Need new volume pot for Vela VR? Would this be a warranty issue or replace it myself?


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Jan 2, 2018
The First State
At my last gig I noticed my volume pot nut on my Vela VR was coming loose, accompanied by some noise and drop outs.
So, the potentiometer is going south and my guess is it's an S2-sourced part. I'd like to replace it with a Core-sourced pot as the quality is better, imho.
I'm sure if I take it to the factory (an hour's drive away) they'll replace it with a like/kind pot, which is likely to fail in another year or so (had that experience already), or I can buy a good replacement myself and do the work.
So, what would y'all do?
If I DIY it, where's a good source for Core-quality pots?
I’m pretty sure you can order the core pots from PRS themselves, but you can order high quality parts just about anywhere. Someone else can chime in w/the consensus brand for the pots, but John Mann would be a good online source.

Also, FWIW, if you went to the factory and had PTC do the work, I’m sure they’d put the core pots in if you asked (and paid) for them.
Snag the core pot from the PRS accessory store, reverb, John Mann, and I think even Amazon if I remember right. I swap all mine to core. I like the taper. Easy to replace and I wouldn't drive anywhere to do it.