Is anybody else here kinda creeped out by birds?


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Apr 26, 2012
I'm not sayin' I'm afraid of them, I'm just sayin' I'm not really a bird watcher or even a bird fan. I appreciate the PRS stylized birds and really like the ME logo as a "brand" identity, but real live birds totally creep me out.

Do you really like birds?

Do you buy other things with birds on them?

Are you afraid that a swarm of birds will attack your face and snatch your small dog?
Hate 'em for the most part. The exception being big birds of prey. I enjoy watching owls, falcons and hawks. It makes me sad that moon inlays have become less of an option on PRS guitars.

I've been harassed by, and my wife has actually been attacked by, a magpie-lark when we lived in Australia. Nasty little bastards, those. Emus also scare the poop out of me.
Wasn't a huge bird fan before discovering PRS. Even now I really only admire birds in the context of a PRS, but definitely not creeped out by them.
Now, cats. If the fretboard inlays were varying species of cats, that would be frightening.
Not creeped out by them, but they sometimes get on my nerves. Occasionally they wake me up when I want to sleep....really a problem when I have to work 3rd shift in the spring - that and lawn mowers. In the next couple months they'll start trying to build a nest behind the light fixture on my front porch. EVERY year I spend at least a week dismantling their under construction home.
I actually like birds very much. I own an Eclectus parrot who is extremely friendly to me. I can put him on the floor and walk around the house and he will waddle around following me.

My wife brought a Conure into our marriage and that bird is very cool. Both of our birds talk on occasion.

I love setting outside in warm weather listening to birds when I'm relaxing with an adult beverage. My favorite bird call to listen to is a cardinal. Something we have quite a few of in this area.

Birds are cool.
I don't have a problem with birds, but I'll tell you what I do have a problem with: Spiders. I am scared out of my mind of spiders! I can't stand 'em. Even the 'cute' fake ones at Halloween. No way! Twice in my life I have actually broken toes getting away from spiders. Years ago, I worked in an office, and I was the only man there among twenty or so women. One day I saw a spider passing by about six feet off to my left, and I was UP AND OUTTA THERE! I found out later that someone said 'he must have seen a spider', so they looked around, and a little old lady who also worked there found it and killed it with her cane. At the time I looked like a big, hairy biker, long beard and hair, the works, but everybody knew that I was putty when it came to spiders. Afterwards, they had to come find me outside to tell me it was safe to come back to my desk. They probably still laugh about it today...

Nope - love to watch them fly.

Plus there are many birds that are TASTY! ;-)

Oh and I LOVE the birds on the fret board. I've passed on a couple of guitars that were moons that I might have bough if they'd been BIRDS. ;)
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Hey, guys! What's going on in this thread?


Oh, you think I'm creepy? You with your flailing meat limbs, stuck to the ground? Weirdo. I'm outta here.
I love birds....not in an intimate way of course.:five: I have a bird feeder in my back yard that attracts all kinds of birds. My wife hates them and won't allow anything with a bird on it in our house. So I have to limit my love affair out doors.

Also a Peregrine Falcon was in my back yard this past weekend eyeing my little terrier.... Don't fear the birds....Fear the Reaper!
Ironically, I keep my PRS in my mom's house.... Luckily she's in the neighborhood and I have my Man Cave II there. My wife's a therapist, usually has weekend and evening hours, so I can't play at home anyways.

In fact, don't tell her, but I don't think she's never seen my PRS (just bought it a few months ago):beer:
We have birds land on the boat just to die. You can offer them food or water, but they wont touch it.. I remember a wren I captured on the deck, we were 150 miles from land, I put it in a box and when we got to the dock relesed it.. The damn thing flew right back offshore!
Are you afraid that a swarm of birds will attack your face and snatch your small dog?

It is probably something in your DNA since birds are the last remaining dinosaurs on this planet. I personally don't care for the Crow/Magpie varieties, but I like to wake to the ones in the morning in my backyard. The Mockingbird is the best since he can produce so many different calls. The Blue Jays fight everything that tries to get to the feeders. They are just plain mean.
Hate 'em.

Cow-pie flippin' worm eatin', build a nest in your dryer vent varmints - Mesozoic Coelurosaurian Dinosaurs.

Sorry, got carried away there - Sure doesn't stop me from buying the guitars though. Just my se standard is sans birds.

That's a good thread, what animal inlays WOULD keep you from buying a guitar (Take note, no brand mentioned)