NGD - PRS S2 Vela Silverburst with birds on Ebony Fretboard - 1 of 5 Made


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Feb 7, 2023
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
First of all, I apologize for doing whatever is making this post get taken down. I originally posted it as a reply in a thread about a Vela review, but maybe hijacking that thread isn't appropriate. I'm just really excited about this guitar and wanted to share with everyone because I think it's one of the most beautiful and unusual guitars that I've seen from PRS. I would think that date wants you to be able to see it too but that doesn't seem to be the case. Moderators, there is something wrong with this post please contact me so that I can fix it and share this guitar with the forum

Maybe my story isn't 100% accurate? But this is what was told to me by the dealer and they are a very reputable PRS dealer. I've done my due diligence on the story of this special run and everything checks out. These guitars were special ordered over a year ago - they were ordered by a dealer local to me called Axe Palace, and luckily for me, one person backed out because he didn't want to wait any longer. What's special about these guitars is that two of them are custom finishes and all of them have white birds on an ebony fingerboard versus the dots on a rose gold fingerboard. The white birds on an ebony fretboard look phenomenal! I think they should do this more often

The special run was five each of five different guitars. There was a frost blue metallic, a frost green metallic, a purple metallic, and this silverburst.

The serial number shows a model year of 2022, but the build date on the tag is 01/23/23. Smells fresh!

I feel very lucky to have walked into this tiny guitar store on exactly the right day - within days of when the guitar came in for the buyer backed out.

These pictures are pictures that were taken by the dealer except for the last one which was a pretty bad quic snap I took as proof of life because I had to come into the hospital for surgery. But I'm including it so you know that it's a guitar not just some mock-up that I did. I apologize for the quality.

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Hopefully this post will stick! Sorry to hear about a hospital visit, hope you are OK!! Thanks for sharing this gem, if you ever want to sell it, think of me first ;~))
I think it's going to stick! Thank you for your help. I think maybe I just hadn't waited long enough then since I'm a brand new user here I can understand why they would want to review a post before putting it up.
Congrats and nice score! A cool run from Axe Palace for sure!

Congrats and nice score! A cool run from Axe Palace for sure!

I wonder if theyy knew how much better these would look in person compared to the rendere.. I saw a picture of one of the purple ones and it was fire! And these guys, BTW, are the nicest. The pride they had in pulling this off was palpable. One of the guys was smiling from ear to ear talking about them and then how they did a run of private stock as well. Buying this guitar was a whole experience. I hope PRS knows what they have there. Actually I'm sure they do. It's funny - I could barely find the store and it was smaller than my loft. But the vibe - the soul of that place was bigger than the biggest stores I've been in. On a Sunday, the owner was there and at least one other employee who was sitting at the desk who jumped up when I came in. There were also some guys packed in what may have been a large closet with walls of amps jamming and working out some tunes. The gentleman at the front desk pointed to the corner about 15 feet away and said, "you can plug in there and play it if you want.... feel free to plug in anywhere!". I have some pretty expensive guitars, but none of their NGDs were an experience like this. The Axe Palace rules. Oh, and he lowered the action from the factory with a flawless setup at 1mm and not a hint of buzz without me asking. Head maybe an hour between the time I told him I was coming and when I arrived ant it was 110% ready. These are the dealers we need to support.
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Never purchased a guitar from them but I always see from the guys that work there talk on the Facebook Axe Palace club about setups and how they won’t let a guitar thru them unless it’s been on their bench. If a brand is consistently poor they won’t carry it. They will even do full setups on their cheaper models that they know need a lot of work. I find that a VERY good deal as many cheap guitars have terrible frets or tremolo set ups
Super congratulations! I really like my Vela and had wished it had birds, but for the price I couldn't turn it down. Yours is SWEET! And you're right, that purple caught my eye!