How To Post Photos (for free) Using Imgur 2020 edition


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Apr 26, 2012
Step one: Install the Imgur app on your phone. You want to do this unless you’re using a DSLR or something, but let’s face it, if you were you’re probably familiar with photo sharing sites and know your way around the Internet...

After you install Imgur find it on your phone's dashboard, it’s this little icon circled.


Step two: Take a picture of a PRS guitar (all other guitars are trash, and should not be posted for fear of ridicule). You can do this by opening your camera app, vaguely positioning your phone over the guitar, and pressing this button.


Step three: Go back to your home screen/dashboard and re-open the Imgur app. Find the little plus sign in the upper right corner and press it, this means you’re gonna add a photo.


Step four: cycle through your photos and select the one you want by pressing it.


Now it’ll have a number attached like so, and then you press “next” which is the big button on the top of the screen that says “next”

Step Five: Okay, your photo isn’t uploaded yet, but you’re close. You can of course title your photo if you’re the organized type, and if you leave it set to “public” you’ll be forced to, and this will also upload your photo onto the Imgur feed letting all kinds of random chads see your stuff and publicly comment on them. Don’t do that!

Instead, hit that public button


And a drop down menu will open.


Hit “hidden” and you no longer have to deal with titling your pics or having random people looking at your stuff. You can also make memes an’ stuff too after you become a pro.

Hit the upload button in the upper right and... boom, you’ve got a pic ready to share.
Step Six: Press and hold the photo you want to share until this icon pops up, and then tap it.


Then it’ll lead you to this pop up


“Copy Link” press that and then reopen The Official PRS Forum in your browser.

Find the little icon that looks like a landscape picture


Click on it and “paste”


Something should be in the box, and then hit insert.


And now you’ll see your picture.


And then you “post reply”

See?!? Now you’re a fun member of your new online community and nobody will make fun of you for having bought an Epiphone or a Hello Kitty guitar.
Step seven:

Give your child a hug, because you’ve taken a photo of him being neglected and child services are on their way!:)
Step Eight:

Give your Santana a hug, because it’s down and has “trem droop” and NAACTG are on their way!
Step Nine:

Tell us all what was in the box!

If it’s an old photo then I’m disappointed :(