Hi. NGD ('98 McCarty content)


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Feb 26, 2023
Hi. Just picked up this interesting '98 McCarty earlier today. It seems a little unusual with the blue/gold hardware combo and mystery signature on the upper horn. Curious if anyone here knows more about it. Specifically, if that signature means it's a special order or employee guitar. Not having much luck posting pics directly here, but below is a link to the hosting site's gallery of the guitar. Thanks.

There may be more information under the bridge pickup in the cavity. Signature looks added by an previous owner everything else looks stock. A good luthier can remove the signature without hurting the instrument.
Thanks, I'll check that out.
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Thanks so much for the enthusiasm.
I'll have to check under the hood sometime in the next few days as far as the pickups go. Also planning on giving a thorough polish with my orbital machine and Maguire's. Fret polish and some fretboard oil should tie it all together.
Beautiful 98. The gold hardware was an option back then. Goes well with the Royal Blue. Enjoy.