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Aug 1, 1985
I am about to re-engineer my solution for guitar tools, spare parts, extra pickups, strings, rags, fretboard oil, etc.

I'd like to get some ideas. What is your solution? Photos and details are appreciated.

Right now I'm thinking about building something like this - but a little more customized:

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Right now all my stuff is i stackable totes.
In around a month I will present my next addition for storage for cases, tools, cleaning supplies ect.
My stuff is all over the place. I have a regular old organizer for spare parts, made of plastic with various size drawers. For spare pickups, a round christmas tin does the job. I keep my multimeter in one of those Big Muff wooden boxes they used to come in. Our drummer just brought over a plastic case that's about the right size for the stew mac setup kit I got recently. There's another plastic set of 5 drawers maybe 3 feet high holding strings, picks, patch cables, batteries, and unused pedals. It's kind of a nightmare trying to find things; there are so many places to look sometimes.
This, plus some tubes, strings and a few random things in a drawer, plus a pile of cables in a small duffel bag stuffed under the bed.

I'd love to build a single toolbox that held my guitar tools, strings, cleaning rags, cleaning supplies, amp tubes, spare pickups/parts, extra screws, Ohm meter, etc.

If that box were plain old alder, I'd be happy. If it were figured maple, I'd be elated.

A built-in tube tester and biasing equipment would be cool too!

EDIT: Scratch the built-in tube tester. I just need a drawer for this:
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I use small glass jars (olives, pimentos, etc.) for small parts. Strong metal or plastic lids, and you can see what's inside. A roll up bag for fret and nut files. Roll it up and it has a tie string attached to keep it closed. Small tools go into a lift-out tray of a standard tool box, and everything else fits below that. That goes under my bed out of the way til I need it, then a drawer for odds and ends (my old tuner from the 80's that still works fine, cables, etc.) My other toolbox is one of those Black & Decker Workmate Shopboxes with the built-in bench and vise on top. It's great, but too big for my needs.

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OK, I have to give ya a sneak peek of what I am having built for me.
These pics below are actually a members from the Gibson forum I am on, and I have them on my server as I added text to them to show the shop that is building the cabinet for me.

I goofed on one of the pics, it says three compartments on top, but it is actually going to be four.

Shop is using alder, and will be using some very good stain in mahogany or walnut (going there Saturday to see different colors on an alder blank), and them a protective coat over it.

They said about a month, so about three more weeks I may have it at my place.

There will be room for five guitar cases, and up top will house:
Polish, rags
Fret Doctor
Spare parts
Stock tuners (all my guitars now have Planet Wave Autotrims on them)
Spare cables, patch cables, ect
StewMacs toolkit
Neck rest for working on guitars
Manuals that came with pedals
More crap than I can remember unless I go through all the bins in the other room

Another plus will be the lid on top when it is down, perfect work surface to spread my Fender mat I have to put the guitar on top of to work on.

Will also have castors on it for easy rolling.

This will keep my stuff much more organized.
I thought about having pull out shelves too, but that will require more of a footprint for the cabinet, and I am trying to keep the outside dimensions not much bigger than a PRS case :D

I will be sure to post a new thread once I have it delivered, pretty excited about it!
I wonder if I can have the shop carve PRS into the top like this guy has Gibson on his?



Oh, here is a pic of a guy who is from the US, but is currently living in Spain.
He is a member too over on the Gibson forum.


Toolbox with slide out compartment drawers works well for me. Perfect for when i'm rehearsing and gigging. For all my other bits i've got a set of plastic drawers. A nice wood toolbox / accessory drawer would be nice though!





Will have to try and get hold of a PRS Sticker for my toolbox!
I love the idea of a small case, but for me it just wasn't a realistic idea. I needed some larger storage in the recording room to keep guitar stuff, mics, spare parts, nicknacks and doodads, so I got a couple of simple Ikea cabinets with frosted glass doors, and assembled them. They have wheels so that I can reconfigure the studio for various needs very easily. I have two, and they're chock full o' stuff; one is for my mics and headphones, recording extras, etc., and the other is primarily for guitar gear, though I also keep a few software and other CDs/DVDs in it. At least I can find what I need in one spot! Also manuals are in the magazine holders on top of the cabinet, as well as in the cabinets.

I organized the stuff in some storage boxes that have places I could insert labels for tools, small parts, cable plugs, and so on. I also keep certain tools, an extra tuner, earplugs, and various supplies that I would take to a session or gig in a PRS accessory bag. For larger items, I picked up a couple of reinforced cloth closet organizer bins that fit into the cabinet. Here's a shot of the cabinet and bag (I unzipped the bag to show the tools in it, but my iPhone shooting skills are somewhat lacking:


And a closer shot of the interior of the cabinet:


I have a storage room as well, and things I rarely need are packed into plastic storage bins on shelves that I can get to easily. I keep my guitars in cases; I don't have that many guitars so there isn't too much clutter with that.
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Hmmmmm... I really like that case organizer. I wonder if you could find an old chest of drawers at a thrift shop and convert it? It would have to be wide and deep enough.
This is when it was still clean and organized...


The "in-house" tech was an added bonus!