The Bernie Marsden has arrived!

I have a Gibson ES-335 I love with that scale and all of the Gibsons I played growing up were 24 3/4".
I played Gibsons growing up, too. Until PRS came along, they were the only electric guitars I had more than passing interest in, though I did like Rickenbacker 12 Strings (even though the fretboards were really too narrow for 12 strings!).
Bernies are actually 24.5" scale length. Glad you enjoying the Bernie, I honestly think that these were the best SE guitars that PRS put out at the time. Its just a shame that paul didn't come to a deal with Bernie over a core production model other than the 6 that were made for the UK.
You're right. 24.5" in the middle.

The bridge is angled so the low E string is longer than 24.5" and the high E is shorter than 24.5" for intonating properly.

But 24.5" is what it is.

Definitely a slinkier feel that I like!

I don't have to bend a string so far to raise it up to pitch.
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And it's even better than I'd hoped. Feels like an old guitar.

Been playing it for the last hour through my pedal board and into my HDRX 20 and a 12" Celestion G12H30 speaker.

I have SE Singlecuts but none have a body as thick as the Bernie. The Bernie is thick like a Les Paul.

And it's gorgeous. Looks like a core guitar.

Unusual Iced Tea Sunburst. I really like it.

I have one Singlecut with Bernie pickups so I thought I knew what I was getting.

But the same pickups sound different in the thicker bodied Bernie. Deeper, fuller...even a little hotter.

I'm going to have to amend my thinking about the Bernie Marsden pickups because in this guitar they sound good.

I have an extra set of Duncan Antiquitys I was going to use in this guitar. But I'm leaving it stock for now.