Favorite Electric Strings?

I tend to like D'Addario, too, though I like the gauges of the Ernie Balls. I do build sets, gauge wise, at Stringjoy, and D'Addario has a set that's reasonably close to the Mighty Slinky's I like(.0085-.040). Different gauges for different tunings, of course, I'm talking E Standard and Drop D for the above.
I have an .008(single string) made by Kalium Strings that I got several years ago, on the SE Standard. Been hanging on my wall for several years,,,finally had a reason to use it, put it on, and it's just fine. Kalium makes good strings, too, in my opinion. You can also order your own gauged sets from them, as with Stringjoy.
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For me my favorite is D'addario XS.

However, I'll use XT, NYXL, and XL. Across my guitars I use 9-40, 9-42, 9.5-44, 10-46BT, 10.5-48, 11-49, 11-50BT. Every so often I'll get a pack of PRS strings, Optiwebs or Stringjoy. I keep a log for my string changes and a good inventory of strings on hand.
Lately I have been using the Elixir Optiweb 9-46 custom light strings on all of my guitars except my Hollowbody
I am using 10-46 D'Addario EXL on it but will switch to the Elixer when my current stash runs out
They hold up very well for me
I love me some Stringjoy’s, but I use the pure nickel Broadways, which are probably a little too mellow for the crisp drop tune thing.

For drop tuned stuff I’ve been trying out the Ernie Ball RPS 10s custom set that Cantrell apparently also uses? They come in a yellow package. Definitely a snappy tight sound. Still getting familiar at the moment but so far so good.
I started using Dean Markley Blue Steel but now they are not that easy to find. So I switched to Ernie Ball
- D standard 25,5 scale : 10-48
- D standard 25 scale: 11-48
- drop C: depends on the day, weather or mood...usually 11-52, but I have not yet found my sweet spot
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I used Markely's for years and loved them , then switched to elixers for durability, and now D'Addario/PRS I'm fond of the 9.5's I've tried the regular and the Signature .. really didn't see much difference.
I love the Blue Steels! That's all I used for guitar from 2003-2012. Then I didn't have an instrument for 9 years due to disability and homelessness. Now I have Blue Steels stainless on my 5 string bass, with a D'Addario .145T for the low A (AEADG).
But I can't use them on my 32" Jaguar because they don't have medium scale. The Ernie Ball set I got for it went dull in less than 24 hours. I have a Stringjoy set to try next.
I can't use Blue Steels on guitar anymore because they aren't available in singles to make my set of 54 38 28 20w 15 11 for drop-D, A=432Hz. I've been getting D'Addario NYXL for the 54 38 28, GHS Boomer for the 20w, and Optima gold-plated for the 15 11. I really like the Optimas for the plain strings, a much nicer tone and feel, and much less harsh. I like a very bright tone, but plain steel 13 10 just sound nasty to me.
But the 3 low strings get dark and mushy really fast, in spite of having active ceramic EMGs. Someone recommended Ernie Ball Cobalt, said "they don't get mushy like other strings". So I tried them and they sound the same as the NYXLs, and got pretty mushy just as fast.
So I'm still trying to find my favorite bottom 3 strings, but the 20w is perfect for the G and the gold-plated plain strings are the best.
What are your favorite strings for drop-D, for chuggy rhythm stuff and bright clean tones with a lot of clean palm-muting?
Hi, just been reading a post ‘somewhere’ on this forum and wanted to chip in so I officially joined but now can’t find the thread🫣. The question was about choosing between 10’s and 11’s on a piezo hollowbody 11.
Thought I would mention you can get D’Addario XL in 10.5 to 48 which I currently use successfully on a chambered guitar I built from scratch utilising prs usa 85/15 pickups and I find they give me a perfect balance for most styles.
Yesterday I took delivery of a new Hollowbody piezo SE (which is awesome) and ensured they included a set of D’Addario 10.5-48 in the case. Definitely helps, if like me you have a penchant for the ‘acoustic’ blend in the sound. I believe they really shine with extra weight when outputting directly into a 2nd acoustic amp.
For many, many years I was loyal to GHS Nickel Rockers in 10's.

Then in 2009 I was stationed in Dover Delaware and was having a difficult time finding GHS. So I branched out and tried a bunch of different brands looking for something that was close. Honestly can't say I found a brand I didn't like, just not as much as I did the GHS... so I used whatever was the least expensive pure-nickel set.

That's how I stumbled upon DR Pure Blues (which are great bass strings as well ;) ). Played those exclusively until last summer when I decided it was time to try a different gauge-- 8's. In so doing, I had to find a new brand as DR doesn't offer the Pure Blues in 8s' (that I could find anyway).

Enter my new favorite brand & gauge:


Still somewhat difficult to find locally, but since settling in with these, I'm going to try convincing my favorite local shop to start carrying them... even if they cost a few bucks more than getting them online, it's worth it to me to support local shops.
I have been using those for years, but 10-46 gauge. They have been my favorite, but since I just bought my first PRS a few weeks ago I tried the PRS classic and really like them. Granted I only played them for about an hour so will have to see how they are in a week. I also put the PRS locking tuners on at the same time so not sure if it’s the strings, tuners or a combo of both, but the guitar seems much more resonant.