Fourth String Buzz


New Member
Dec 17, 2020
Okay gang, I've had my Core Custom 22 10 top for something like 24 years now and it has been flawless until recently. It's started buzzing on the fourth string near the first and second frets. The guitar is set up to factory specification with 10-52 strings in drop C# tuning. It's got the old style wraparound tail piece. I've tried adjusting the truss rod to no avail. Any thoughts as to whether this could be a situation where the nut may need replaced? The nut was replaced at the factory about five or so years ago.
If you're only hearing it at the first couple of frets then I'd say the nut is almost certainly the issue. Before replacing it, (especially since you only have a problem with 1 string) you could try filling the slot and re-cutting it if you have nut files