Details on the 2017 A10E's electronics?


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Apr 16, 2017
I've seen a metric crap ton of great demos, and some high level discussions that gloss over the electronics as active piezo under-saddle. I understand the tone/volume control setup and where the battery is tucked away.

I was hoping to find some actual meat on the electronics: is it a PRS in-house design? If not, who makes it? Are there any diagrams of the actual pickup location and installation? Techie stuff like that for a geek like me.

I've searched and searched and, thus far, nada. Anyone have some insight they can share?

Many thanks in advance!
You probably won't find anything - PRS uses a third-party design as COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) for this stuff - the electronics on my Angelus Custom look almost identical to a "generic" (but good!) set available from some Pac-Rim brand. I might have mentioned it in a thread, let me see if I can find it...ah yes:

The Takamine TK-40 preamp has exactly all the same functions as the PRS SE Angelus preamps - no more, no less. Only really big difference is the battery compartment is a separate installation for PRS, whereas it is integrated in the TK-40.

(And I could find no useful info on the TK-40 design or specs of the controls.)

So more than likely PRS has selected an existing design, perhaps from Takamine, for the A10e electronics.

The piezo pickup is more than likely under the saddle, embedded within the bridge itself.

PRS doesn't really provide owners manuals with any guitars they make, so I'm not surprised they don't offer much with the SE Acoustic line either...

Sorry, can't really help much.
That's actually very useful, and thank you so much for the insights! That tells me quite a lot and gives me several avenues to geek into. :cool:
Any thoughts on how the pre-amp sounds? Just purchased an A10e and am trying to discern whether or not to have a Baggs or something else installed before shipping.