1. B

    Angelus SE A50 replacement battery issue

    Hi everyone, I just got a PRS Angelus SE A50 acoustic electric and am really pleased with it but when I went to put in a new battery the first one I tried wouldn’t fit (it was a rechargeable) and then I tried a normal energizer which was so tight it wouldn’t fit all the way and got stuck...
  2. G

    PRS SE ax20E vs PRS SE A40E

    Does any body know what the difference between these two guitars are? All i can find is that the A40e has layered Ovangkol back and sides, and thex ax20e has layered Mahogany back and sides. Also, the X20e, has standard X bracing, vs hybrid bracing in the a40e. Also in the 2021 lineup, it...
  3. danktat

    N (acoustic) G D!!

    New Guitar Day! Just got this thing in from Dave's Guitar Shop in Wisconsin. It is PRS SE. A40E It was listed in "very good" condition. After initial inspection, it appears to me to be closer to "excellent", or even "near mint" condition. Was actually in tune when it came out of the box after...
  4. B

    Onboard tuner won't turn off

    Hello, I am the proud owner of an SE Angelus acoustc/electric single cutaway guitar and I am having an issue with the onboard tuner. I can switch it on, tune the guitar - no problem! But when I go to switch it back off it won't turn off. I have tried switching to a fresh 9-volt battery but still...
  5. T

    Angelus SE Custom vs. Angelus SE A40E

    Hello, I was looking for a good quality guitar that would be affordable for me. First, I found this Angelus SE A40E. Sounds pretty good, looks amazing, thats it! Suddenly, one of the shop employees told me that there is similar guitar called Angelus SE Custom. He claimed Custom very similar to...
  6. dkilpatrick

    NGD X3

    It’s been a busy month for guitars around here. It starts with Brian’s Limited run of SE Holcomb’s. Always wanted to try one, but never really cared for the Holcomb burst finish that it comes in. So when I saw this limited run, I grabbed a trampas green with a really wide flame pattern...
  7. Spinland

    Details on the 2017 A10E's electronics?

    I've seen a metric crap ton of great demos, and some high level discussions that gloss over the electronics as active piezo under-saddle. I understand the tone/volume control setup and where the battery is tucked away. I was hoping to find some actual meat on the electronics: is it a PRS...