1. Ozzy_Stabb

    Hero's guitar or something of my own? Lifeson VS CSB A10

    Yeah so, I've played an Alex Lifeson thinline, but it was a year ago at the PRS event. I currently play this beat up Silvertone that has no serial number, I think my parents payed $70 or so for it years ago. Point being none of the local shops around have them both for me to AB them, or really...
  2. Spinland

    Details on the 2017 A10E's electronics?

    I've seen a metric crap ton of great demos, and some high level discussions that gloss over the electronics as active piezo under-saddle. I understand the tone/volume control setup and where the battery is tucked away. I was hoping to find some actual meat on the electronics: is it a PRS...