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  1. AndyBowman

    PRS SE Custom 24-08 Pickup Covers

    I recently added a PRS SE Custom 24-08 to the collection and am wanting to put nickel covers over the zebra pickups. More for aesthetics than anything, but during my interwebs research have found it might effect the tone. On that, I'm seeing where it might "mellow" the highs, which I'm fine...
  2. F

    Output from both pickups regardless of switch position (SE Standard 24).

    Bought used on Marketplace. Regardless of the switch position, I am getting output from both pickups. I’ve tested this with a screwdriver. Tone pot works, coil split works, volume pot works. I looked at the wiring and it doesn’t look like it’s been modified at all. Anybody know what the issue...
  3. charvel1975

    PRS Metal Pickup Set In PRS SE Custom 24?

    Hello everyone I just discovered some of the USA made PRS pickups offerings and ran across the Metal pickup set, what's your thoughts on these pickups? I have a stock 2021 PRS SE Custom 24 with the 85/15s pickups.
  4. Ovibos

    Zach Myers 3-way toggle lets me down

    Flipping down to the treble pickup to melt faces with a scorching solo (NOT), I often get very low signal. It's a 2020 model so shouldn't have corrosion, but I've tried Deoxit. It does work sometimes so it feels like it's probably in the switch mechanicals or contacts. Any easy fixes or should...
  5. M

    RS push pull wiring kit for 2019 SE Santana?

    Hey Folks. Recently acquired a brand spanking new Se Santana (w the PRS logo on headstock!) for $300 on offer up. What a steal. Im slowly modding the guitar with nice raw nickel pickup covers, a core nut, truss rod cover,etc. Now I’m looking to change the electronics. I was wondering if anyone...
  6. Rick Stewart

    SE Custom 7

    Hello all, I just bought a 2013 SE Custom 7. I'm really happy with it so far, but it has some features I'm not familiar with and I don't think they came stock on this guitar. It has what they call a "blower" switch which is on a push-push volume pot. It bypasses all the controls and sends the...
  7. Rebus

    PRS SE 245 Soldering to the wraparound bridge

    Hey guys, Newbie, so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. My PRS SE 245 - beautiful guitar - is about to get a whole new load of electronics. (A treat from me to me.) Previously, it had solderless EMGs in. New electronics are all passive, traditional soldered. I've just realised that...
  8. DustinCo

    Need Pickup Wiring Help!! Putting USA 8515 pickups in SE Custom 24

    Hey everyone, could use some help here. I have a 2018 SE Custom 24 that has a 3 way blade switch, volume, and push/pull coil tap/split (same thing?). I recently purchased some used American made 8515 pickups from a buddy to install in my SE, I planned to install them the exact same way as the...
  9. Skeeter

    Coil Tap using Push/Pull with a 5-way

    Hi, I was wondering about possible electronic mods to a Custom 24 with a 5-way blade (latest version). If I were to install a push/pull tone pot to split the neck pickup - would I need further upgrades, like a 5-way “mega” blade? If needed, would it be easier (and possible) to change...
  10. P

    CU24 '2016 w 85/15 buzz when touching pickup coils

    EDIT: I've made a mistake in topic, I meant pickup poles Hi! I have a problem with my '2016 CU24 with 85/15's. When I'm touching the poles on the neck pickup I can hear some loud buzz/hum. It happens only when neck pickup is engaged, it does not happen on bridge pickup. I've checked with...
  11. Vanhaye

    Whale Bird (with FET source follower)

    PRS Custom 24 with FET Source Follower, High to Low Impedance. Vanhaye
  12. Threepiece

    Cheap PRS pots?

    Hey, So, in a previous post I talked about my S2 and came to the conclusion I want to upgrade the pups and electronics. Jury is still out on which pups but I thought I'd order the otherstuff anyway. Everywhere I read it said that PRS pots are like $20 each. Yet, when I search the site, they...
  13. Spinland

    Details on the 2017 A10E's electronics?

    I've seen a metric crap ton of great demos, and some high level discussions that gloss over the electronics as active piezo under-saddle. I understand the tone/volume control setup and where the battery is tucked away. I was hoping to find some actual meat on the electronics: is it a PRS...