D@mn birds!


Zomb!e Nine, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
So every spring, I have birds try to build a nest behind the light fixture on the front porch. Usually after a week, they're done. This year I think there's a new group of birds. This is round 2 this year and it's been going on for 2 weeks. Every day I knock their crap down. It feels like they're getting quicker by the day. I'm ready to take the light fixture down.
Maybe put up some of those anti bird spikes like you see on storefront signs?

We had a problem like this several years ago where pigeons were building nests in a valley on our roof. There was a danger water would back up behind their nest and seep into the attic. We had a professional bird prevention dude remove the nest and put up a bunch of anti-bird stuff on the roof, including caging off that valley on the roof and putting down this sticky goo the birds don't like on their feet. So, there are some other ideas.

Also, BB guns are cheap and readily available.
I had birds nest in my drier vent every year. It was a huge hassle trying to get the nest out of the vent while standing 20 feet in the air.