Can you work with your spouse???

I did hire my wife briefly to work in my furniture store and it didn't go well at all.

Unlike living together at home, she worked for me and had to do things the way I wanted them to be done.

She wouldn't.
I think it is easier to deal with "Oh, I thought you meant ....." at home than at work.
I helped my wife get a job at the same company where I worked but in a different department. Two years later I found out she developed quite a reputation for sleeping with her co-workers. She's not my wife anymore.
There's a suitable saying: Don't f#%& in the company.

I met my later wife at work. She had started after secondary school a three years lasting training to become a hotel manager, I was pupil at a grammar school and earned some money at that particular hotel as a dishwasher at weekends and summer vacation for one year.
She had mandatory tours in all branches at the hotel. She was assigned to the kitchen and met there accidently.

I noticed that she listened metal music, and had chats in the breaks. With the time the deputy chef noticed us, and ordered that we both should clean one of the cold rooms.
Nothing severe happened whilst that task, but we spent more time together after that.
After four months we started to be a couple.

My part-time job ended in the hotel, she continued her training, me myself the grammar school. I earned my graduation, the entrance certificate to study on universities, she passed with success her training.
Whilst I followed the call to arms and became a conscript in the Federal Armed Forces, she left hotel to earn the entrance certificate to study at universities, too, and went to school for additional three years.
After that she studied successfully and hired in the pharmaceutical division of P&G (in Germany), P&G sold that to Warner Chilcott with men and mice, she hired at Novartis, and is currently employed at Eli Lilly.

We met 29 years ago, are married for 20 years.

After the one year as a conscript, I began a construction/civil engineering study. I suspended it after passing successfully the assessment to become an army officer.
I was trained to become an officer in the corps of army engineers, and I attended the EOD/IEDD operator training for officers.
Academical studies at Federal Armed Forces University lead to an university degree in political sciences.
I had assignments as a platoon leader of an amphibious rig platoon, XO of a Mountain Engr Bn, was desk officer at Army Engr School in the concepts and capabilities development branch, was company commander of an Armored Engr Coy, had two tours to Afghanistan.
Currently I'm assigned to Army HQ.

We have respect to each others challenges in the jobs and are proud of the achievements. My wife is a back bone, because she manages her full time job AND the family. I'm generally at home on weekends only (or vacations), because we agreed on that we won't move our household as long the kids are to be schooled. Indisturbed childhood.

To be not in the same company ensures that at home business talks are short and the quality time among the family gets most attention.
I have no concerns about an old fashioned role model of women being responsible for the household and raising of children.
My wife did not her academic studies to become reduced to a house mother.
The most reason of working full-time is the independency.
My job - especially when it comes to missions - is, of course there are other jobs being exposed to the risk of death, not a normal 9 to 4 business.
Therefore she wants to be in a full-time job, if something worst occured to me on duty.
And repeating independency and reflecting our mothers, who were house mothers only: What remains when it comes to retirement of the husband?
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Great question and in my case yes, absolutely yes. We have run pubs together which is a 24/7, also 24/7 was nursing me through heart attacks and open heart surgery, then when I returned to Uni as a very mature student, Ruby was my model (I studied photography), photographic assistant, muse, darkroom assistant, proof reader....Musically Ruby has performed with me on bass and percussion, she is roadie, critic, sound engineer... We have walked from London to Birmingham along the canals...We hate being apart!
My wife (well would be back when) worked in our store for a summer between university semesters, and it worked out OK, but wasn't great either. Long story but we learned from it.
In our karate dojo we work together teaching the students and running the club, but that isn't a career for generating income either so it's a different animal. Plus she outranks me and like at home, she rules or things get, em, awkward.:D