an epiphany

I am super fortunate in this area. My wife honestly doesn't know how many guitars I have. Heck, I don't either. I would have to look at my insurance policy and then go looking for the ones that I missed adding to it to find the real number. I have an idea but I couldn't tell you the exact number. She doesn't care if I buy more as long as our bills are paid and we have money in the bank. She is very supportive of my music. The only complaint I hear from her is that she wants to see me on stage playing again. I have hit the point in my life where I just don't like being up so late at night to play the gigs. I would consider getting in a playing situation where I played daytime gigs on the weekend though. Maybe I should put some feelers out for that...
But it was so deep they brought in an ENT to get it out.