I want an S2 DGT


Rockin that Old Time Rock & Roll
Dec 1, 2023
Tittle says it all

as most of you know I have a buddy with a serious GAS problem
Well maybe his problem is me
But that's a story for another day

Because of him, I get to play all kinds of Core, PS, & WL PRS guitars
I have recently fell in love with his DGT
It is is a 10 top and the thing is Gorgeous
The neck plays great with my short fat fingers and the Tone is wonderful

I have considered naming it but I already did that to him with one guitar
I don't think I would get away with it again
He now tells me no naming when he hands me one of his guitars

An S2 with the new Core pickups & electronics would have me selling my first born Son, trading in the wife, and mortgaging the farm........
Oh wait I would probably do that for a new PRS anyway 🤣 🤣 🤣