Convince me to pull the trigger!!!

Ruben Bernard

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Jan 3, 2022
London, England
I found something awesome for sale online (PRS something ofc). I'm gonna refrain from saying what so that it doesn't get sniped from my grasp by one of you sneaky sneakies. I want it. I have the money. I want it. But I never ever do big purchases, so I'm slightly nervous. Make me confident!!!
Btw I'm single, and live alone so no spouse/partner to get mad. I know that's usually a big factor for you guys lmao. CONVINCE MEEEEE

Really did not take that long... It's been purchased.
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How Pathetic! Stop Being A Pansy Ass And Buy The Damn Thing Already Or Speak Up And Tell Us What It Is So We Can Buy It And Rescue You From This Passive, Inability To Act, Mediocre State You Presently Find Yourself In. ;)