Big project.


Jan 24, 2022
So I have decided to take the initiative and start a music fest in our local park right behind city hall. I haven’t come up with a name for it yet but I will. It will be an all day event featuring a local musician or two as well. I am encouraging everyone to bring their musical instrument of choice. I have a meeting with our city council next week. I’am going to work my a** off and make this happen. I wanted to do this in Toronto but just too much red tape to wade through. I have been thinking about this for a year or so. Who knows what connections with this I will make! Lots of work but idc.

Any name ideas?
Good luck! I hope you can pull it off. It sounds like a great community event.
Pickering In The Park
The Sounds Of Pickering
Pickering Sings
The Park Party
Heart Of The Park
Music In The Park
The Park Speaks
The Grass Speaks
Trees and Toons
Pickering Park Plays
Pickering Players
Pickering Plays The Park
Toons and Balloons
Toons On The Greens

You can add "Music Fest" or "Sindig" or "Hoedown" or "Hootenanny" to most of these as well if you don't think they are descriptive enough. I think using Pickering in the title though is a winner from the get go considering the pick(in) association with music.