Are 10 Top/Artist Package Options selectable or do I have to get the full package?


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May 15, 2019
I'm looking to get my first PRS Core guitar but I'm honestly having quite a hard time choosing one of the colors that are available for the Custom 24. I absolutely love Gibson style bursts such as Honey Burst, Desert Burst or (Heritage) Cherry Sunburst. Unfortunately the latter one is only available for the DGT model and the McCarty Sunburst looks way too yellow on camera (I don't have the possibility to view these guitars in person). Black Gold Burst is available as Wrap Burst only this year so I'd lose the reveal binding which leaves only Copperhead Burst really as a viable choice.
Since the Artist Package includes more options besides the color, such as an ebony fretboard, gold hardware and green abalone inlays and I really dont want any of those options other than the color, I was wondering if those options are always a set package deal, or if I could select only certain options out of the Artist Package?
They are not. But sometimes dealers have unusual ones, like wood library or sprayer’s choice, etc.