Anyone ever owned a walnut body/ walnut neck guitar?

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Mar 15, 2023
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As I'm always looking at different axes this one struck me as a little odd.
A walnut body with a three piece walnut set neck and a quarter inch slab flame maple top and a flame maple fretboard.

Looks nicely made but not sure just what type of "house" sound to expect from those wood combinations.
It does have PRS Vintage Bass and HFS pups though so it's in the family
i had a claro walnut body strat with birdseye neck. massive spank, massive clarity
I was thinking it would have a clarity and ability to cut through the mix that more traditional PRS wood's might not.

It certainly would be interesting to test the theory....
I smell another NGD coming on...
I've built two , love Walnut . Both 24 fret neck throughs Walnut neck and bodies with ebony boards. Warmer then Maple and cuts like a knife.
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Here's some more about Albert King's Black Walnut Flying V.

A legendary guitar Dan Erlewine made in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti, Michigan back around 1969 or 70.

He made a Stratocaster for Otis Rush out of the same Black Walnut.

I knew Dan back then and watched him work a little on that Flying V.

It had a distinctive "pluck" or "pop" to the electric sound. Clear. Not so "woody" as it was clear and plucky.

The pickups were just Gibson's stock humbucker of the time. Same pickup Gibson would have put in a SG or ES-335 from that time.

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