An introduction, a long post, and the Mira


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Aug 13, 2012
Fairmont, WV
Hi all,

I am a brand new forum member and PRS owner. My name is Mark and I joined about the same time I picked up a PRS Mira about a week or so ago. I live and work in West Virginia at a large university where I teach courses on music technology and manage the recording studio. I've played many instruments over the last ten or fifteen years, mostly the electric bass. Recently, I've had occasion for much more guitar work. I used to manage a retail music store that sold PRS, and have always been fans of the company and their products. I always said that if I were going to regularly play guitar, that a PRS would be my instrument of choice. I'm not being arrogant, but I do have a decent ear for tone and have played or worked with other guitarists on a large variety of high end gear.

Originally, my plan was to purchase a PRS at Experience PRS this year. However, I got impatient and didn't want to wait. I thought about Customs and DGT's. My favorite guitar PRS used to make was the Standard all mahogany. I couldn't find too many in the used market that met my needs. I was completely ignoring the Mira for whatever reason, but it kept popping up in my search. I knew that I wanted an all mahogany guitar that was versatile and comfortable to play. I finally decided to start reading about the Mira and then I started searching for one. There are no PRS dealers near me to even check something out anymore. However, the lure of the Mira was too great and the price was lower than I was originally planning on spending for a guitar anyway. I decided to buy one going only by the pictures and specs. I knew that just about any PRS wasn't going to be a disappointment, but hoped that the Mira really was what I wanted in a guitar.

It shipped to my job, and when I played it I was truly amazed. This guitar looks way better in person than the photos online do it justice. Not as heavily carved as some other models, but still very comfortable. Better still, this instrument sounds incredible! When I first strummed it, it had so much resonance and an almost hollow body like projection acoustically. The pattern regular neck looked like it might be uncomfortable to play because it is slightly bigger than what I was used to. Wrong. It's more comfortable and I find it easier to navigate the fretboard and actually play. No more spending time "fighting" the guitar. Now, I can play and my only real roadblock is myself. I can't believe it, but I think PRS Guitars may be even better than what they were ten years ago. I always found them amazing, but I'm really floored by the Mira now. Of course, I am also a sucker for the green burst finish and the birds.

I could keep going on, but this is probably too long as is. What is everyone's experience with the Mira? Maybe it's a honeymoon period, but I'm in love with this thing. It just calls to me to pick it up every chance I get.

Welcome and thanks for the great story! I had a Mira for a while and loved it. Felt great and played even better. I am still wondering why I sold it -- one of those hindsight is 20/20 things, I guess. I think at the Experience this year, I might just fill that need for an all-hog guitar and pick up a DGT Standard (that Frost color is haunting my dreams!).
Thanks! The DGT Standard was one that I was seriously looking at. I still had the problem of no dealer close by though. It looks like it would be an amazing guitar too. Maybe I'll find a way to justify buying one at the Experience?
Welcome! I picked up a 2008 Mira Maple Top as NOS for a steal, and I couldn't be happier a few months in. There have been a few "Mira Love" threads out here. She sounds different than anything else I have, rough around the edges and very expressive. I also was amazed at the volume of the guitar unplugged. There are many reasonably priced used ones, and although the SEs are also great for the money, my next purchase might well be all mahogany one, or the 25th with the P90s.
Welcome to the Mira club. I currently own a 57/08-equipped Mira Korina and a stunning one-off Custom 24. If I could only keep one guitar, it would be the Mira Korina.
I picked up a 2010 Mint Green Mira WT a few months ago at a price that was insanely low. I am a second bannana guitarist/lead vocalist in a cover band that covers 6 decades of rock music. The Mira is the first guitar that I've owned that I felt did a great job on every song in the set (as long as a trem not nec). The switch positions are all useful. Very comfy guitar to wear all night long. It has replaced my CE24 in the number one slot for most of my gigs.

The Miras have got to be the best value - quality guitar available today.
Undervalued and worth every cent...Mira

Welcome to the Mira club. I currently own a 57/08-equipped Mira Korina and a stunning one-off Custom 24. If I could only keep one guitar, it would be the Mira Korina.

So, I've got a few PRS 's and the latest was a Mira "X" it 2nd hand for a song...and man, it really is the same quality finish, fretwork, sounds, and playability as the much more expensive PRS models...great guitar!!!...Looking forward to the EXPRS!!!!