emg in prs core mira? neck cavity too small


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May 31, 2022
I'm trying to install emg 57/66 into my prs mira, i put an evertune bridge on it so assumed i may struggle with the room i have in the bridge cavity, but i find beside the emgs not fitting the pickup rings, the cavity in the neck is way too small to let the pups sit naturally, does anyone have any solutions or has anyone put emgs into a mira before? im concerned about chipping out the neck block in the cavity, i really want to try these pups but im concerned it's a lost cause. I can post pictures if needed
While it can be done, you will wreck the instruments resale . A skilled luthier can plunge route , it's a PITA .
im not too bothered about the resale as i've already butchered it to install an evertune bridge, i think the main issue that the solderless emgs have a connection point underneath the pup that adds 3mm to it and that's where the problem is, im thinking maybe using a dremel to just sand out a bit of space just for that and see what happens, thanks for the reply
What part of the pickup does not fit ?? you might just need to slightly enlarge the cutouts for the pickup legs , show us a pick of the stoclpickup and the EMG side by side