Is this a construction defect in the neck/body? Used SE Hollowbody II Piezo purchase

Vis-a-vis the disparity in Piezo and Mag Pup volumes ~ I don't have an SE, but I have a core Hollowbody II piezo, and I can attest there is a significant volume difference between the piezo and magnetic pickups when mixed through the same output.
I have an SE HBII Piezo. The volume disparity between mags and piezo is normal.
The Piezo has a trim pot on the board to reduce gain and I did adjust mine so its more unity with the mags.
That last quote is the appropriate thing to do if you want "unity gain" between the two signal sources. They don't need to be different: adjust the piezo signal down, or raise the mag pups a bit closer to the strings, or combo of both.

I have a few Core piezo-equipped PRSi, and they are all relatively even in signal strength. In fact, I believe on my SC HB II the mag pups are slightly hotter, which works for me in how I use them with that guitar.
I wouldn't say that is 'abnormal' for a set neck guitar. The neck itself looks like it has enough height for the HB's and Bridge to set the action. It does look as if the Bridge is a bit high - hence the action seems 'high' too.

If the bridge sticks up quite 'high' above the Body and the 'neck' was much lower in the Pocket, you'd never get the bridge low enough to have any 'decent' action at the high end of the fretboard. The Pocket should be cut to position the neck 'high' enough off the body that 'bridge' (or saddles) can be raised/lowered to adjust the action. It looks as though you have 'room' to lower the bridge and thus reduce the action here but if the neck was much lower in the Pocket, you'd never get the bridge low enough to make the action playable...
Thanks everyone for the excellent advice and feedback. I've been a PRS owner for a long time but haven't been on this forum - bought my first "high end" guitar - a CE22 - brand new in 1996 when I was 16 years old (mowed many, many lawns for that!), recently purchased a mint 2020 Core Tremonti (my dream guitar for over a decade), and then discovered the SE HB II Piezo - which I'm definitely going to keep after all of the great info I received from you all. Thank you again!
Here are some photos of mine for comparison. I’ve had it a year and love it. No complaints, everything about it has been excellent. I did buy in person from my local dealer, who is also a friend and my regular tech/luthier so it was set up perfectly from the jump. Hope these are helpful.


This makes me think the heel, or neck pocket on the OP's guitar may not be cut correctly. The maple binding at the end of the fretboard on yours starts right at the top of the pick up ring but on the OP's it looks like there is a fair amout of neck showing and then the maple.

I'd run it past PRS I and see what they think.
Just to follow up on this, I sent photos and the serial number to PRS. They confirmed that the neck pocket is indeed within spec. Since I've decided to keep it I have changed strings, adjusted the bridge and pickup height, and it's much better! I'm still getting used to it, but am optimistic it'll be a keeper!
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