Adding a middle pickup to my S2 Standard 24 - what would be a good choice?


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Nov 5, 2020
Hey everyone, first post here on the forum. I've decided to add a middle pickup to my S2 Standard 24 after looking at possibly trading it for an S2 Studio but not being able to find any takers.
Need some advice on neck and middle pickups that would get me close to a strat sound, but preferably in a humbucker or mini-hum format as I think true single-coils would look odd in this guitar. I currently have Fralin P-92s in the bridge and neck position, but I'm considering switching to an Unbucker in the bridge so I can split for single coil tones and then replacing the neck and adding a middle with whatever pickups would get me near that Strat/S2 studio sound (yes I know they don't sound exactly alike, I'm just trying to get in that ballpark!)

Thanks all!
As an owner of an S2 Studio, I can say with certainty that you’re right to want to chase that sound and vibe! Seriously awesome guitar.

Perhaps check out the TV Jones T-Armond? They’re very similar to the singles in the Studio.
Cool, I'll check those out, thanks for the recommendation. I'm also thinking about throwing a Cavalier Phoenix firebird pickup I already have in the middle and seeing how it gets along with the P-92s that are in there already.
I'm wondering how much the difference in length between the bridge and pickups will make compared to the 22 fret guitars. In my guitar the neck and middle pickups will be about an inch closer to the bridge (and therefore closer to each other as well).