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S2 Studio Tone Pot Replacement


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Nov 17, 2021
My S2 studio (Type D singles @ neck and middle, Starla HB at bridge that splits wonderfully. if it matters, a unicorn built in ‘21) had a scratchy tone pot from day 1. Deoxit made it better for a while. It has now become a scratchy tone switch. At 0 to 1 or so, it sounds as you would expect. At past 1 or so, it seems to switch to the 10 setting and not change regardless of rotation. It’s probably under warranty, but I can probably solder in a new tone pot, and volume pot while I’m at it. I want to upgrade to core stuff, or equivalent, ‘cause why not.

So, what am I looking for? The PRS accessory shop and John Mann both have a push pull tone pot. And a couple of different volume pots. I’m honestly not sure of the pot values or anything. I’ll check at the next string change. Anyway, just looking for some experienced feedback. Thanks all for the help in my guitar tuning journey!
If the stock pot matches what they sell in the Accessory store, that’s what I would do, probably technically an upgrade to the core spec. Might need to swap the coils split resistor off the stock pot, and ream the hole in the pickguard for the core pot, but otherwise an easy job.

I’d think the stock is a 500k, but not positive.
I got the black guitar back from the PTC with the new pot. I suspect they upgraded the pot. Anyway , all is good now!

Edit - free under warranty. I tried to talk them into an upgrade for both pots, but to do so made it a fully chargeable event, paying all labor and all materials. I was hoping for just an upcharge for the volume pot and labor to solder it in. Anyway it wasn’t to be, so I just did the warranty portion. Not a big deal, and it all works well again. The S2 Studio is a cool guitar!
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That is probably the best route to go. Wait until it is out of warrantee to swap the electronics out.