Replacement S2 Vela volume pot: use PRS, or other brand?

TF from MN

New Member
Oct 11, 2023
A few months ago I bought a lightly-used S2 Vela semihollow. I love it. But the volume pot is scratchier than I'd like. I've had indifferent luck over the years with spraying guitar pots with cleaner.

So if I replace with a new 500K pot, what brand? On Sweetwater I see that that the PRS brand volume pot - 19 bucks - has a 180 pf treble bleed cap wired into it. Buy this one, or go way cheaper with some other quality brand, like DiMarzio, Bourns, Fender, etc?

Also - is that treble bleed cap really necessary?

Thanks from a PRS newbie.
I personally prefer PRS pots because of the taper. RS guitarworks is another one I like. You could go CTS or Bourns if you wanted. Some like a treble bleed and some don't. I'm a treble bleed guy.
I’d go Bourns if you want a very easy turning pot (feels a lot like modern PRS Core pots), or CTS for more turning resistance. Both are good quality.