s2 standard 24

  1. detuned

    S2 Custom 24 vs S2 Standard 24 (satin/not satin)

    Given the recent changes in the S2 line, what is the difference now between an S2 Custom 24 and and S2 Standard 24 (Satin or not) besides the finishes? In particular do they have the same hardware and quality of manufacturing and which do you think will sound warmest?
  2. C

    PRS S2 Standard: 22 frets vs 24 frets, gloss vs satin finish

    I'm looking to buy a PRS S2 Standard, but I'm torn between the 22 fret and 24 fret options. I've played a Fender strat for years and probably more comfortable with the 22 fret option, but I also feel like I'm missing out if I don't get those extra 2 frets. I've noticed that the 24 fret option...
  3. Chrism27

    Adding a middle pickup to my S2 Standard 24 - what would be a good choice?

    Hey everyone, first post here on the forum. I've decided to add a middle pickup to my S2 Standard 24 after looking at possibly trading it for an S2 Studio but not being able to find any takers. Need some advice on neck and middle pickups that would get me close to a strat sound, but preferably...
  4. F

    S2 Standard 24 Sustain

    My Indonesian Jackson has more sustain than my new S2. It's setup very well, medium low action, any power chords peter out very fast. Suggestions?
  5. N

    S2 Standard 24 85/15s

    I just got an S2 Standard on sale fore President's day. I love everything about it, except for the 85/15 S pickups. It feels great, the action is quick, and its just all around a comfortable guitar. The pickups to me are kind of muddy and way too thick. I don't know if its my amp that I'm using...
  6. Leonardo Caruso

    SE CU24 x S2 Std Satin 24 - (Which Should I Buy?)

    Hi guys. Hoping not to create a thread that already exists. Looked in forum and couldn't find the answer to this. It's my first time at this forum and it will be my first PRS too. And I'm really in need of help to decide if I should buy a SE Custom 24 (2017 Trampas Green) or a S2 Standard 24...