58/15 LT on CE24


New Member
Dec 14, 2022
Hi everyone,
I am planning to buy a set of 58/15 LT for my semi-hollow PRS ce24, to get a more vintage sound from it.
I love the guitar and as it plays, but I mostly play clean, blues, or old school rock (ac/dc, zeppelin, ect.), and I don't have to money now to buy a mccarty model.
Has anyone tried the 58/15 LT in a CE24, or has it at the moment?
I am trying to figure out if using these pups in this specific model will make it sound thin and fizzy, since it has a bolt on neck and 24 frets that make it pretty different from a mccarty model.

Thank you in advance, any advice or comment is welcome!
I had them. A dealer had a run on them in 2018. Sounded good to me. Slightly brighter than a McCarty. Switching to a brass tremolo block helps. Or the good old fashioned use of amp knobs