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ce24 semi-hollow

  1. robertoelcappero

    58/15 LT on CE24

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a set of 58/15 LT for my semi-hollow PRS ce24, to get a more vintage sound from it. I love the guitar and as it plays, but I mostly play clean, blues, or old school rock (ac/dc, zeppelin, ect.), and I don't have to money now to buy a mccarty model. Has anyone...
  2. tyfu20

    NGD.... Back in Black

    So I've had a couple of semi hollow CE24's and let them go for various lapses in judgement. Not sure which retailer ordered this run with the black satin neck and matching headstock, but I'm digging. This jet black beauty may make the cut for a while.
  3. tyfu20

    NGD.......more of a swap.

    Ok, so I bought a Eriza Green Semi Hollow CE 24 last year that was new old stock as it was a 2019 that had the 85/15 non-TCI pickups. Dug the guitar, but as I do from time to time, started wondering about the newer pickup version. Put the Eriza up for sale and was able to procure this 2021...