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  1. stankbank

    Trem claw/screws slanted?

    On my S2 CE24, I noticed the bass string side was up higher than the treble strings. The treble side I sitting at about 1/16 or 4/64ths off the body. The bass side was about 6/64th. To balance them out (pull the bass side down), I adjusted the trem springs in the back, however, it results in...
  2. Monahan

    NGD Rig (Belated)

    10 years ago our band had a shake up, and needed a bass player. I stepped into the role and enjoyed it so much, I sold all my guitar gear so I could focus on bass. About 3 months ago while cleaning out the the music room/attic, I picked up my wife's Telecaster and began noodling. The Tele...
  3. bjensen

    CE 24 Tremolo Saddles

    Hi Everyone, I have a CE 24 that I'm trying to set up. I was wondering if anyone could provide the factory specs or pictures of their saddles. When I bought my guitar new, the saddle bottoms weren't parallel (the two screws were different heights on each saddle) with the bottom of the bridge...
  4. bjensen

    CE 24 Tremolo Screws Height? Tuning Instability

    Hey everyone, I have a CE 24 and am experiencing tuning instability. I've been playing in e standard and eflat. When I'm in e flat my floating bridge is no longer parallel with the body but dips due to less tension. As I've been doing research on the tremolo and things to look at when...
  5. Utkarsh

    Collection Chronicles #5 PRS CE24 Reclaimed Limited

    Here we go folks, the weekly installment of you sharing in my obsession. This is a model I'm sure many of us are familiar with. The PRS CE24 Reclaimed Limited. In my opinion, one of the most unique and special of their limited editions. I got this new from Hiend Indonesia three years back. It's...
  6. LoFi_Lxgend

    (Question) Installing Tremel-No on CE-24

    I just bought a 2018 CE 24 satin, and took it to my guitar tech to setup and have a new All Parts Tremel-No installed. The large clamp style Tremel-No I bought doesn't fit the guitar. The replacement claw is too wide, and so the holes wouldn't line up to screw it in. My tech told me that in...
  7. robertoelcappero

    58/15 LT on CE24

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a set of 58/15 LT for my semi-hollow PRS ce24, to get a more vintage sound from it. I love the guitar and as it plays, but I mostly play clean, blues, or old school rock (ac/dc, zeppelin, ect.), and I don't have to money now to buy a mccarty model. Has anyone...
  8. T

    Question about finish on 2021 CE24

    Hey Folks, I just bought my first US build. Not in core territory yet, but got a CE and I'm absolutely in love. That said, I was curious about the finish. I can't find any stats on the body finish, but the website says the neck has a satin nitro finish. I've also read that all US builds now...
  9. J

    PRS CE-24 w/black satin neck help ID

    New to the Forums. I've had a PRS CE-24 w/black satin neck and a blue top for about a year. I picked it up local from someone and all I know is: 2018 CE-24 SN#: 18 260605 Is the black satin neck a limited run and I'm finding a little bit but not much on this guitar. Previous owner...
  10. T

    What finish did I buy? CE 24 incoming.

    I purchased this CE 24 online this morning, impulse buy based on price, supposedly mint condition and listed as model year 2017 and amber finish. It's not regular amber, but some sort of burst, and with the coloring on the back I'm leaning Violin Amber Sunburst after looking at some online...
  11. R

    Question About Cases…

    Hello! New PRS owner here, just got a CE24. Love it! My question is: would a CE24 fit into a hard case for a single cut? Specifically, the Hiscox one (I won’t post a link as this is my first post, but it’s the STD-ESC case). Thanks, Rob
  12. JustBenji

    PRS CE24 1995/1998?

    Hi Guys, I got my new beauty coming in this monday and I was wondering if you guys could help me with a few questions. It will be my first PRS so I am quite thrilled to get it finally. It was advertised as 1995 but by the serial number I guess its from 1998. But also it has no birds, but pearl...
  13. Abraham Montalvo

    Need help! looking for PRS Dustie Waring volume and tone knobs

    If anyone can guide me or help me finding these I would gladly appreciate it!!!
  14. AlexBohlin

    Question regarding CE24 Semi-Hollow

    Heya, everyone! I'm kind of new to all the possible customizations available for PRS guitars and what you can and can't do outside of Private Stock and so on. I'm fairly certain I want my next guitar to be a CE24 semi-hollow in either amber or sunburst, but while browsing the web I found this...
  15. MayPRS

    Let's talk CE24 Satin

    PRS is shipping again a CE24 Ltd Satin in Europe - as it did in 2017/2018 I think?: https://www.prsguitarseurope.com/2020/08/prs-guitars-europe-launches-ce-24-standard-satin-ltd-run/ The release notes is from August 2020 but I think most dealers are getting new batches this month (at least...
  16. Justme_223

    Vintage PRS CE24 - Temporary Dead Spot Solution

    Hello everyone! I am new to the PRS community. I recently purchased one of my dream guitars. It is a 1991 alder bodied PRS CE24 that I find absolutely beautiful. I can take more pictures if you guys want! However, there is one major problem with it. After doing some comparisons with my...
  17. Paulinator

    Finally getting another PRS after selling my guitars....but which one?

    Hello all. A few years back I had 13 guitars and among them a very nice 2012 PRS Custom 24 in Eriza Verde. Due to recent events and being unemployed I had to sell off all but two (LTD Snakebyte and Fender Bonnie Raitt Strat), so I no longer have a PRS. I now have the opportunity to buy another...
  18. S

    CE24 Saddles All the Way Back for Intonation - Problem?

    I bought a used 2016 CE24 in 2018. I can tell that it was barely used before I bought it. I’ve taken it to two local and well-regarded luthiers for setup and made it clear that cost and time are far less important than getting it as close to perfect as possible. Both luthiers made the action too...
  19. S

    Just pre-ordered my first US PRS. A CE24 in White Satin! (UK)

    Hey all! Just joined the forum/ I've just managed to find a steal with a local music shop near me (PMT) and they're selling the CE24 Satin in White for £1125 - this is cheaper than I can find second hand, so I'm very happy with that! How do you guys rate these? For me, Im desperate to get a...
  20. K

    Prs ce 24 semi hollow

    G'day guys I have ordered a new ce24 semi hollow in Scarlet, which should arrive this week. I'm very critical, so I hope it meets my expectations. I will be playing it through a Bartel Sugarland 12 watter. Will let you know my thoughts once it has arrived and I have run it through it paces. Ken...