Your favorite PRS bridge?

PRS bridges

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Standard stop tail. A simple, sleek, sexy string-tool of attachment. Devoid of ego, deception, or lust. Never second-guessing. Doesn't ask questions.
as much as I love my Trem PRS Models... I still love the Classic PRS Wraparound Bridge!! The adjustable is great, too... but the Wraparound is more comfortable to me!
Regular stop tail. It's simple. It works. It's also very comfortable to my hand.
I like the ergonomics of the Tremolo, but I prefer the rigidity of the stoptail. So I voted "Other" because I like the Tremolo with a Tremol-no installed.
I voted adjustable stoptail because it's on most of my guitars. I use different tunings, odd gauge strings so....
Well, I have 6 guitars and they consist of:

2 Tremolo
1 Bigsby
2 Stop-Tail
1 Two-Piece Stop-Tail

If I had to have the same on all it would be a tremolo.
Officially changing my answer to the Trem Bridge... they have overpowered me!!

4 with Trem
2 with Classic Wraparound
1 with Adjustable Wraparound

and 1 more at the end of the summer with a Trem!!
Great thread, it gives me a chance to ask a question.

Being a very new guitar player (started playing around a year ago), that is used to a Strat-style tremolo bridge with adjustable saddles, what do you guys think about the PRS non-adjustable stoptail bridge? I've already got a Custom 24 SE, and I love it, but I am thinking about picking up an SE 245 soapbar (I love the tone of p90's). I'm sure the guitar will come with 9's on it, but I prefer 10's. I'm not worried about tuning stability, but I am concerned about intonation. Will I have any intonation issues by switching over to 10's, and how accurate is the intonation considering the bridge isn't adjustable except at the ends (Hi/Low E)

Thanks in advance!