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Who has a core Singlecut 594?

Somebody put a hole in mine
I have LTs in my 2000 McCarty and my pickup height is almost identical to where yours are set.
Funny enough, that's where they were set when I first got it. Happy with the tone, never needed to adjust them. Although now I'm wondering, maybe I should try tweaking - maybe it could get even better? Can always put them back where they were if not...
Welp my Fire Red Burst 594 arrived 2 days ago. I took it to band practice last night. I am stoked with the whole package! Besides being quite the looker, it sure feels like an evolved LP. The headstock angle and control knob angles are an improvement and well engineered. Then there's the tuning stability, hum/sc feature, fit, finish, tones, and playabilty ...what a great guitar! My bandmates were totally impressed too...A shout out to C&M Music Layfayette for their great price and service.
I have a 2022 S2 McCarty DC594 and a 2011 Stripped 58 (which is anSC58 without neck binding). Both have 57/08’s in them. I love them both are are different sounding enough to justify both. Would still like to have an S2 Singlecut. So comfortable

My s2 SC 594 (pictured in avatar) is one of my favorite guitars ever!