Looking for core model suggestions based ob my existing fleet


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Apr 7, 2023
I would like to order a custom color core model PRS and looking for suggestions on which model you might recommend knowing my existing guitar fleet. I currently own a core silver sky, and S2 10th anniversary PRS McCarthy 594, a custom 24 S2 that is modded with US pick ups and mannmade bridge, and an SE swamp ash special with a local shops custom pick ups.

I have a few acoustics as well. Anyway I really want to get a core model and was thinking perhaps get a different model than one of my existing models. I was initially thinking DGT or Paul’s but I wanted to poll here. What would you recommend?

Style of music is all over the place. I like to play close to any style sans real heavy doom metal and not a ton of Jazz. I do enjoy playing rock, classic/hard, things like Metallica, Tool, alternative, some pop, some blues, some country, folk etc. I don
I might be partial, but I’m expecting a new 509 to get here tomorrow. I love my 513, and when I heard the 509’s were over I figured I should add one of those as well.

That’ll be my third PRS, 513, Custom 24 SE, and now 509.
Hmmm so many to choose :) and so much fun.

In no special order

1) Santana
2) NF53
3) 513 /509
4) Special Semi Hollow
5) Custom 22 or a McCarty , DGT
6 Pauls Guitar or a 408

If you up for a Hunt

Two options that are on different spectrums from what you have:
1) Hollowbody
2) Singlecut 594

Different body / construction impacts and you can easily change out the p'ups to drive further. Although you could go full blown \m/ and lean towards a Dustie Waring Core.
Lots of votes for a Santana in here, but TO ME it's a guitar that you have to try before you buy = The short scale / 24 frets feel isn't for everyone (myself included).
I would like to order a custom color core model PRS and looking for suggestions on which model you might recommend knowing my existing guitar fleet.
When you say "custom color", do you mean something that's not in this year's catalog for (whichever) model? Because AFAIK, they unfortunately don't do that (outside of Private Stock). Closest you'll get is sometimes dealers will order a run of guitars and get them in custom colors, but it's dealer's choice.
If you just mean one of the regularly offered colors that you just haven't been able to find in stock, then that works - but be prepared to wait for it. Last I knew, it was running around a year or so... :(

Oh, and regardless of color, I'd definitely suggest checking out a Hollowbody. Even with higher gain stuff, I love the boxier crunch & muscle I get with mine!
I use to want a 509/13 until I played a MEV. Now that's highest on my list. Followed by a SSH. Then a DGT. Honestly, those three could interchange order for me. It's more about the right guitar at the right time.

A Hollowbody would also add variery and the right answer is always a Santana.

If you can I'd go play some, even if it's a drive. I've made plenty of day trips out of playing a guitar. Go play guitars and do something else cool too.
SSH and Paul's each have unique sonic characteristics that will compliment your current collection. everyone should have at least one DGT but i dont consider it a drastic sonic departure from what you have.
I would probably go with a DGT or a Studio. Both are guitars that offer a lot of different tones. You can play many different generas of music with them.