Truss Rod included with PRS SE Paul’s Guitar does not fit into TR Cavity!


Old Guitar Nut
Dec 30, 2023
I was ready to do a setup on my 2019 PRS SE Paul’s Guitar after a string change. The low E was buzzing a bit so I got out the included truss rod wrench. WHAT? It does not fit in the routed TR cavity.
What’s up with that? I’m going to cut off a few mm so it may fit down into the TR Cavity. But this is something that is unacceptable.
I was under the impression that even the imports were gone over at PRS USA.
Anyone else run into this problem and if so what was your solution?
If you mean that you can't slip the socket over the nut, try changing the angle left or right. You've got to have it lined up properly with how the nut is positioned.
I tried it out but it would not connect. The included TR wrench seems to be a little thicker than it needs to be. I tried the truss rod wrench from my 1990 Jackson and that fit. Same barrel length.
They don’t check the truss rod cavities when they inspect them. I got an SE SAS. The tuner holes are crooked. It doesn’t affect the sound, so I’m not concerned.
Grind it down to fit. Truss rod adjustment isnt for action (especially just for one string) jsyk.
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